Ahh yes, gotta love seeing those poor, deprived Dallas Cowboys fanboys cry and whine on Twitter after losing in any game, let alone an NFL playoff game.

And just after losing yet another playoff game (this time in controversial fashion), well-known Cowboys fan and Fox Sports talking head Skip Bayless took it to Twitter and went full nuclear in a meltdown in a series of tweets.

Such as these tweets:

After that rant, Skip would end his rant with this:

Don’t know about that, Skip. How could Dallas be better than San Francisco if they didn’t win the game? If anything, the Niners won fair and square, even if the referees helped out a little at the end.

Sorry Skiiiiiiiip! But your team lost! You can cry on Twitter and to Shannon Sharpe on the ‘Undisputed’ show tomorrow morning, WE DO NOT CARE!! DEAL WITH IT!

So in honor of your loss and endless futility, if football fans outside of Dallas have four words for you:


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