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Houston Astros Pitchers Found Dead; Kate Upton Is a Mess!

Written by Chris Powers

The year 2021 has been extremely difficult on professional athletes, as it seems like this year more than ever there have been athletes dying left and right. Whether it be the MLB, NFL, NBA or NHL, it seems every couple of days either a present or past athlete has died.

Unfortunately, the latest news in deceased players comes from the Houston Astros organization. It was announced today that former Houston Astros Hall of fame starting pitcher J.R. Richard passed away.

In other Houston Astros news, pitcher Justin Verlander’s wife Kate Upton recently mentioned about how nerve wracking it was to go without any make up in the PEOPLE magazine’s “2021 Beautiful Issue.” She was clearly a mess leading up to and during the shoot. See what she had to say on the subject below.

“I feel like makeup is so nice if you use it in a way that makes you feel better about yourself. But there are also so many times when you’re putting on makeup to cover up or change different ways of your face,” says the star. “I see it more and more with social media. It creates a negative mental relationship with yourself that you feel you should change. So I think being makeup-free stands for loving myself how I am. Although I do love makeup, I appreciate what being makeup-free means.”

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