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Houston Astros Pitcher Passes Away Unexpectedly

Written by Chris Powers

The year of 2021 has not been exceptionally well to professional athletes. For whatever reason, it seems like we have seen more athletes die in 2021 than ever before. Every week it seems like we are reporting on the loss of an athlete, whether it bein the NFL, NHL, NBA or MLB.

Unfortunately this one happened to slip through the cracks from back in August. Former Houston pitcher J.R. Richard who played for the Astros from 1971 to 1980 passed away.

In other Houston Astros news, star pitcher Justin Verlander may not be in Houston for the start of 2022 season. Rumors have been running rampant that Verlander could very possibly end up in New York with either the Mets or Yankees. For more on Verlander’s future with the Astros, check out the video below.

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