Hottest cheerleaders & Free Money right here, 78% on winners last week.

Written by JohnnyB

1. Baltimore -3 @ Pittsburgh : Ravens bounce back after loss to beat division rival.

2. Oakland +6 vs Chicago: Game in England, slow offenses not a lot of scoring, Raiders cover.

3. Arizona Money Line @ Cincinnati: Kyler Murray isn’t good, but the Bengals make him look good today.

4. Jacksonville Money Line @ Carolina: Minshew Mania can not, will not be stopped, Jags find a way.

5. New York Giants +5 vs Vikings: Vikings pass game is anemic, Giants have found their QB and keep it close vs Minnesota.

6. New England -13 @ Washington: Jay Gruden is under fire well for smoking some fire with some smoke shows. I don’t think that matters vs the Pats anyways, Pats by 20.

7. Philly -13 vs Jets : Luke Falk , that’s all that is needed to be said Philly by 20.

8. Tampa Bay +6.5 @ Saints: Saints won by a FG. Buccs better then people think but lose because of kicking game again.

9. Atlanta + 4.5 @ Houston : Falcons the only team I have bet on this year that haven’t covered so it has to happen this week right?

10. Buffalo -1 @ Tennessee: Bills bounce back after tough loss to Pats with a big road win.

11. L.A. Chargers -6.5 vs Broncos: Rivers throws all over the Broncos here plus Gordon will hey touches today and will look fresh.

12. Green Bay Money Line @ Dallas : Aaron Rodgers always balls out at Jerry World. He’s the reason the Packers win and I think by 2 scores.

13. Kansas City -8.5 vs Indy : Mahomes puts 45 plus points today, Indy can’t keep up lose by 2 tds.


49ers +4 vs Browns in Monday night football. The 49ers are for real on Offense and Defense, they are coming off a bye and will be prepared to shut the Browns down. Take the points to be safe but the money line looks good too.

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