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Hot Stuff on the Ice: Female Hockey Player Mikayla Demaiter is Making Headlines for All the Right Reasons

Written by Nate

Canadian women’s ice hockey goaltender Mikayla Demaiter is currently trending as one of the more hotter athletes on and off the ice.

Per an article by, Demaiter announced that she was coming back on to the ice, but she didn’t do just that in a plain way. She had a few pictures and content posts to help celebrate the occasion such as this one.

She can skate and flaunt herself well just like the others, and with more posts like the ones below, you would want to melt and be a fan of her.

Photo courtesy:
Photo Courtesy: Verge Agency
Photo Courtesy: Mikayla Demaiter/Twitter
Photo Courtesy: Mikayla Demaiter/Twitter

You can say that Mikayla is the perfect goalTENder for hockey fans everywhere.

If you’d like to follow Mikayla more, feel free to click on any of the links below:

Mikayla’s Instagram account

Mikayla’s Verge Agency site

Mikayla’s OnlyFans page (free subscription!)


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