Horse racing betting

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Horse racing betting, how to start

Horse racing is an exciting and dynamic discipline. Odds for winners, even for clear favorites, are rarely below 2.0. Quotes are posted a few days before the start of the race, when the list of participants is formed. 

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Equestrian and horse racing

Horse racing is the most popular direction in equestrian sport. This is one of the oldest sports. Its description can be found in the historical chronicles of many countries of the world. The essence of the competition is to overcome a certain distance for a while. Such competitions are held at hippodromes, on specially equipped tracks. The length may vary, it all depends on the horses and the type of race. 

Types of horse racing

Competitions are divided according to prestige, form of holding and other parameters. All distinguish three main types of horse racing:

  1. Running without obstacles and barriers. The length of the distance is from 1000 to 3600 meters. Tracks can be grassy and unpaved.
  1. Derby is a combined type of competition. Only three-year-old horses are eligible to take part in them.
  1. Steeplechase. Сonsidered a kind of horse hunting with overcoming rough terrain. This style is one of the most prestigious competitions. One of the most traumatic styles. The distance reaches up to 7200 meters, has up to 30 obstacles, the height of which is up to 30 meters.

Types of bets on horse racing

Horse racing betting has its own language, its own definitions. An experienced capper will not find traditional symbols, totals or odds. At Betandyou India, you can easily master all the nuances of this direction.

Main types of bets:

  • Double

You need to choose two horses that have a chance to become winners of two different races.

  • Double double

The bet is called a double double and assumes that the bettor will guess the four winners of the races.

  • Win

It is necessary to determine the winner of the race. The bettor must predict which horse will be the first to cross the finish line. It is worth noting that you can also bet on an outsider. The player chooses a horse that should not be expected to win and bets that it will definitely not win the race. Even if such a horse comes in second number, the bet has played, but remember that the odds for such an outcome are quite low. 

  • Рlace

The better predicts the favorite and bets on it, but it is enough for the horse to be in the number of prizes, depending on the specific race. If 8 horses entered the distance, then your favorite should take first or second place, and if there are more than 14 starting horses, then the prize pool of finishers consists of four places.

  • Exacta

The player makes a prediction not only for the winner of the race, but also for the vice-champion.

Horse racing betting is a popular and promising direction in betting. Horse racing is the second largest bet in the world. In addition, it is one of the most expensive equestrian sports. It’s nice to look at the races, it’s nice to bet. It is not easy to analyze them, but this is only at first. Everything can be sorted out, and when it comes to rates, then awareness in the chosen direction is the key to success.

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