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Hookups We Want At Barstool Sports!

Written by JohnnyB

Yea I write a lot about barstool. Why? Well it gets clicks and I’m honestly just a huge fan. So this is my list of people I think would be great together.

5. Tommy Smokes & Alex Cooper: I mean what an underdog story this would be. Alex could show things to Tommy he has never heard of before. Tommy would come out with actual confidence. He could give her amazing stories of underwhelming performances for her podcast. I mean barstool is all about content. Right?

4. Lisa Ann & Glenny Balls: What an adorable twosome they are. When she came to play video games Lisa protected Glenny from getting tickled. The love that was shown with this tweet and during their interactions could be a real love connection.

3. Kate & Hard Factor Pat: Oh wait nvm 👨‍👩‍👦!

2. Rico & Jeff Nadu: I mean come on!! This is not a romantic connection but an absolute electric factory of content. They would break the internet if they were on the same show. The hate would feed the fire of content gold. Dave needs to make this shit happen so we can all enjoy this, because we deserve this.

1. Jared “The Rocket” Carrabis & Kayce Smith: If you listen to CCK you can see that Kaycee can’t stand the arrogant side of The Rocket. Or is it that she secretly likes the swaggy side of Jarred. They are both good looking and the hate could turn to passion as it mostly does in life. Plus when it ultimately does fail the content is amazing!!!

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