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Holiday Sex Tips By Sara Cheek

Written by Sara Cheek

All the things that’ll keep you on the Naughty List…

The holidays are such a wonderful time when all is said and done. But the process of getting everyone on your list the perfect gift or the dread of any extra time with your in laws doesn’t exactly create the sexiest atmosphere. Fear not, I’ve got some tips to melt the ice.

  1. I love the idea of doing something so naughty, you might get caught.

    One of the best times I’ve ever had while doing “it” was sneaking away at a family get together and having a quickie in the closet! You could literally hear voices outside the door, would have to giggle and shhush each other, but couldn’t stop because it felt so good to be so bad! And I know we all remember those days when you were either dating or in the early stages of your relationship. Keep it going, besides family is always the best form of a babysitter if you have kids, and it gives you the opportunity to reconnect and have some fun with one another in a non-conventional setting.

  2. Take a break during Christmas shopping, head to the family bathroom or the big back seat of your suburban and do something spontaneous.

    Those big family vehicles you purchased to lug around hockey gear, football equipment, extra kids, and groceries can have more than just that purpose. Between having to fight off crowds or make sure everyone is taken care of, do something to have fun with one another, a quick blowie, make out session, or whole shebang can be quite stress relieving.

  3. Tis the season of giving right?

    I know most of you guys struggle really hard with what to get the special girl in your life. I’ll tell you what, you can never go wrong with a name brand purse or jewelry. Now if you want to make it even more special so that you too can win, buy a lace set from Victoria’s Secret for her, and put it in the bag! Not only will she be super shocked you got the purse, but also in the mood to give a little extra.

  4. I’m going to let you in on a secret, the extra nice you are to her, the more willing she will be in the bedroom to you.

    I’m not the type that wants to cuddle up and watch hallmark movies, but the majority of women are. Surprise her! Do it before she asks or has to ask. Make it a date night, make hot chocolate, order take out, pop some popcorn and make the night about her. When the movie is over, don’t initiate the first move…make it romantic. Go fill the tub with roses and candles. Pour champagne and watch how quickly your night becomes a fantasy.

  5. To the single guy or girl, go to the bar this holiday season. Don’t feel alone.

    I guarantee there is a population out there who is wanting to feel wanted just for the night. And like I said, it’s the season of giving! Who knows, you might just get a New Year’s Eve date out of it.

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