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Betting on hockey, like betting on other sports, has its own characteristics. Their obvious advantages include the regularity of matches, based on which a detailed statistical analysis is made, simplifying the determination of leaders in a specific meeting. By the way, you can place bets on the Betwinner website. There are both simple and complex points. For example, many removals can completely change the course of the match and change the expected result to the opposite. Next, we will describe in detail all the significant factors that will help to make a bet on hockey correctly and profitably.

Hockey bets from professionals

To begin with, let’s understand what bets are in hockey and consider the main types in which bookmakers specialize. Likewise, a careful reading of our material will save a beginner from the most common mistakes that many beginner players make out of ignorance and lack of information. Agree, if in your opinion, the bet made won, and the Betwinner app calculated it as a loss, it creates a rather unpleasant feeling?

Types of bets on hockey

In hockey bets, the following main types of pairs are used:

One X Two (regular time) – in hockey, as in most sports, there is a standard line with 3 results. According to its coefficients, you can bet on a draw or a victory of one of the teams.

Total. The number of abandoned pucks in the game. As a rule, he is always considered at the 5.5 puck mark or so. There is also an individual total (the number of goals scored for the first or second team), where the coefficient usually varies around 3.0.

Handicap. Odds of 0.5 to 1.5 are most common if one of the teams looks like a potential winner. Handicaps of more than one and a half are generally rare. It is known that one puck is enough to win, so betting on a potential winner with a handicap of one and a half is a more risky event. Features of hockey betting

  • We draw your attention to the fact that before placing your first bet on hockey and starting to study the coefficients, be especially careful and first of all review the rules of this BC. The fact is that most offices accept bets for the main time of the game, other bookmakers – taking into account overtime, and sometimes shootouts. The most correct (in our opinion) accept all options with mandatory reflection of these points.
  • Frequent holding of matches and hockey tournaments allows for a more accurate assessment of team form and observation of objective statistics. Due to the format of this sport, only recent games and confrontations should be analyzed, without delving into last year’s tournaments.
  • Frequent deletions. This is a separate topic in hockey, thanks to which most often one team plays in the majority, and the other in the minority.
  • Live bets are the most profitable bets on hockey. It is these rates that are considered the most predictable and passable.

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Analysis of the upcoming match

Having decided on the rules of the bookmaker, you can proceed to the analysis of the upcoming match. The analysis of the upcoming game should include the study of many factors, such as:

  • What form is the team in now? In the losing or winning series are the teams that totaled the matches in the matches of these rivals. Frequently an underdog who is in good form wins against a stronger team.
  • Results of teams in away matches, in home matches, depending on where the game takes place in the currently analyzed match. Again, it should be investigated as a result of the games, and their effectiveness. Typically, teams show different results when playing away from home.
  • If the match does not take place at the beginning of the season, it is necessary to analyze the results of the opponents’ games against each other in the current year.
  • It will not be superfluous to mention what the history of the confrontation was last season. Information from previous years is not so relevant for the NHL, because the transfers, which are carried out regularly, make significant adjustments to the strength of the teams.
  • The following private events have a significant impact on the outcome of the match: change of team coach, departure of the reserve goalkeeper, injury of a key player. The last two factors negatively affect the team’s result, and the first – positively. Most frequently, the team wins the next match after the arrival of a new coach.

Questions and answers

How to select events for express trains?

There are no general tips for choosing matches for hockey betting. However, there are several recommendations that will allow you to pick the most suitable matches.

Are there broadcasts of hockey matches?

In some bookmakers, players are offered online broadcasts of not only the most popular matches, but also ordinary meetings in regular tournaments. Watching live streams can be useful if you prefer live betting. In this case, you can notice certain important features that cannot be found in the pre-match line or in the statistical data.

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