His Daughter Died In A Car Crash So He Got This Tattooed On Him

Written by TrevStone

It’s Monday morning, and I’m scrolling through Facebook and I see a story regarding a father who had a daughter died in a car accident and a very young age.

The story is sad, but at the same time this father made sure that he would carry his daughters legacy with him at every moment. How?

He decided he was going to get the last gift his daughter have him tattooed on him. And needless to say the move won the Internet over.

“Makes me cry every time I see this post, I can’t imagine the pain this man has gone through after the death of this little girl,” commented one person on Reddit.

“It’s a beautiful tribute to his daughter’s memory,” wrote another Reddit user. “Love how well the man’s tattoo captured his daughter’s drawing too.”

“Seems like a perfect memory for her,” another person said. Some even commented on the size of the tattoo—”I bet he wishes it were even bigger. Big enough that it surrounds him and he is the same size as the figure in the drawing and he could just slip in and take its place and then so could his daughter and they’d be back together again,”

His daughter has to be smiling down at him.

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