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Hidden Cameras in New York Jets Locker Rooms

Written by Jleibl

Just when we thought the Jets season couldn’t get any worse, players in the Jets organization have found hidden cameras in the smoke detectors throughout their locker room.

“Apparently”, players have been made aware of these cameras since they moved to a new training facility in Florham Park, New Jersey BUT since the Jets are the worst organization in the NFL, it is very tough for them to keep a consistent team so with all the new players circulating in and out of the locker room, I’m sure none of these players knew about these hidden cameras.

The Jets players have sent this information to the NFLPA for them to look further into this situation. Needless to say, this is going to get very dicey for the Jets, which may actually help them in the long run. Maybe this is what will turn the Jets organization around like they have been waiting for, for what seems like centuries.

The Jets General Manager, Joe Douglas, has said in the past that “the plan is to create the best culture in sports”, and I guess I personally didn’t think that meant getting to know his players inside and out. I think it might be time to follow the New York Mets lead, sell the team, clean house, and just start the whole thing over because the GOD DAMN NEW YORK JETS have officially become the LAUGHING STOCK of the whole NFL.

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