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He’s Backkkkkkk, NBA YoungBoy Has Been Granted Bond And Will get Parole And Serve House Arrest

Oh man the old whites are about to be pissed about this one, another young black rapper beating their system. Now look YB does some stupid goon shit that’s like cmon bro you’re a top rapper what are you doing, but you have to respect to come up and then they can beat the system like this. Let’s be honest not the whole system but there’s a lot of places that prey on getting young black men because the world is shitty and rappers are #1 on their list so to see YB keep beating it is great but when is he going to finally realize he needs to get his head straight.

This is best, putting him up in Utah with a studio and maybe a lil smoke is what they need to do. There’s not too much bullshit you are gonna do in fucking Utah so I like this by the courts, he is a top 3 rapper right now and I do believe the fans partly influenced him getting out. He has an insanely loyal fanbase and his music is banger after fucking banger so keeping him put up on house arrest is best. Let’s just hope he smartens the fuck up I mean he doesn’t have to keep being on some street shit he’s a made man just move to where you dreamed on, make yo music and live a stress free life bro. I hope he’s not dumb like Kodak and keeps fucking up but it seems like YB has people that care more about him around him more than Kodak does so it’s uplifting.

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