“He’s always on fire, always ready to go. They are getting a great one”- Saints Linebacker Demario Davis On Dan Campbell

Written by Will

The Saints linebacker, Demario Davis, made an appearance on the Pat McAfee show and gave his praises about the Lions new coach. Saying that Campbell is always ready to go. Plus, even talking about how Campbell would have to lead the meetings from time to time and how he always got people fired up.

Davis says that Campbell is the same guy that Lions fans saw in the press conference. He’s always fired up. Look, I know Davis is his former player but you have to like what he says about Campbell. The one common thing that every player/coach has said about Campbell is that he’s a great leader. Exactly what the Lions need. Cue the music.

After hearing this and watching his press conference, I am liking this hire more and more. Of course, only time will tell if this is a good hire or the same old story. Lions fans, don’t rush him out of town if the team isn’t good next year. This team is a long way away and it will take time. But after today, you can’t help but be excited.

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