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Herman Edwards Is Fed Up With ESPN’S Love For The Dallas Cowboys

Written by Tony Ghaul

On Tuesday morning, Herman Edwards was on First Take, and in their closing segment, they listed their early NFL power rankings for the 2023 season. Edwards seemed confused as to why they weren’t only discussing the top-five NFL teams on the power rankings list, until he saw the Dallas Cowboys sitting there at six.

“We went all the way from one, not to five, but to six. Why?” Edwards asked. “Cause there’s the Cowboys. We just have to talk about the Cowboys! They couldn’t make the top-five, but they got to six! And now we’re gonna talk about the top six teams. Are you kidding me?! Really? It’s always about the Cowboys! We have to talk about these guys all the time!”

ESPN seems to always find ways to get the Cowboys on their rundown for Get Up and First Take every chance they can. It becomes nauseating to watch how they try shove this overrated and over-hyped franchise, that’s accomplished nothing in over 25 years.

The Cowboys last won the Super Bowl in 1995 and haven’t even made it past the divisional round since. They have been a mediocre franchise, since then.

Most of the country, except for the Cowboys minions, agree with Edwards

“Stop it!” Edwards yelled. “I’m done!” Totally agree with you Herm.

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