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Here Are NBA 2K20’s Top Ranked Players Thus Far

As promised, NBA 2K20 revealed its top ranked players across a number of categories this evening. And though some fans were disappointed how some were ranked – like LeBron James outranking the likes of Kevin Durant, for instance – overall, it’s pretty well balanced.

James ended up at the top of the list with an overall ranking of 97, though Kawhi Leonard was close behind in second place. Giannis Antetokounmpo, Kevin Durant and James Harden rounded out the top five.

In terms of rookies, Zion Williamson rounded out the list, but only with a score of 81. Some may argue that’s a bit low, but he still dominated with a good lead over the second place spot, which belonged to Ja Morant.

In terms of three point shooting, the lead belonged to Steph Curry, with a ranking of 99. No surprise there, right? But second place had a pretty good follow-up with Klay Thompson, sitting at 97.

And finally, there’s the top “bigs,” in terms of peak performers. And Anthony Davis leads the pack with an overall score of 94, followed by Joel Emblid at 91.

Here’s the full rundown of top players and their respective scores.

Top 20 NBA 2K20 Players

Blake Griffin (88)

Rudy Gobert (88)

Donovan Mitchell (88)

Kemba Walker (88)

Jimmy Butler (88)

Karl-Anthony Towns (89)

Klay Thompson (89)

Russell Westbrook (90)

Nikola Jokic (90)

Kyrie Irving (91)

Joel Embiid (91)

Damian Lillard (92)

Paul George (93)

Anthony Davis (94)

Steph Curry (95)

James Harden (96)

Kevin Durant (96)

Giannis Antetokounmpo (96)

Kawhi Leonard (97)

LeBron James (97)

Top 5 Rookies

Darius Garland (77)

De’Andre Hunter (77)

R.J. Barrett (78)

Ja Morant (79)

Zion Williamson (81)

Top 5 Shooters– 3 Pt. Rating

Buddy Hield (90)

J.J. Redick (90)

Joe Harris (94)

Klay Thompson (97)

Steph Curry (99)

Top 5 “Bigs”

Rudy Gobert (88)

Karl-Anthony Towns (89)

Nikola Jokic (90)

Joel Embiid (91)

Anthony Davis (94)

NBA 2K20 releases on September 6 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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