HBO Max Launched Today, Here is What You Need to Know. – @hbomax #hbomax @HBOmaxpr.

HBO Max launched today and I think it’s a ridiculous deal! It is the long anticipated update for HBO now, the standalone service you could sign up for, if you didn’t already have a TV subscription to HBO. If you already subscribe to HBO now, and Update is awaiting you to update to HBO MAX at no additional cost to you.

@JeffDLowe takes a test drive of HBO MAX

The really awesome thing about HBO Max is you get all those networks above content IN ADDITION to HBO. HBO had to keep prices at the 15 dollar price point to not cut into HBO’s profit margins from cable packages. So you get HBO and 8 additional networks for no charge. You can binge watch The Sopranos and then move on to Ed,edd and eddy and not having to move apps at all!

They have the entire Harry Potter Collection, also many classic movies like “Casablanca.”

Subscribe to the 7 day free trial here: https://www.hbomax.com/

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