Have You Checked Your #Dogecoin Today?

Doge Coin to the moon? Have you checked your Doge coin today? When I woke up this morning I was awakened today by ten texts from my best friends going crazy over the fact that Dogecoin is at 7 cents.

I have a certain understanding of how crypto works but I have zero understanding how Dogecoin works I threw $100 on it blindly and my thought process was if I lose it I lose it, but who knows? So far it is paying off and it is just something to keep my eye on.

The community of people that are invested in Dogecoin is great. Its an awesome to see the ‘people’ have control over an asset. Keep pumping this shit up it would be awesome for it to hit ten cents as the next milestone. I can’t even imagine how crazy it will be if this hits a dollar. We will most likely have to wait for a while for that to happen, but this will be a fun ride whatever happens.

It feels like we are all the same people, that was my exact reaction at Dogecoin this morning. To the moon, literally this is so fun. I really wish Doge did have a Super Bowl commercial like they were suppose to ‘supposedly’ but this community is so fun and the reaction on Twitter is always great.

Could you imagine if the ultimate meme crypto hit $1.69 on 4/20, it most likely will not occur this year but just imagine. I am riding with this coin until the ride dies, I am literally thinking of buying more before this thing really ever blows up. I’ll just sit here and watch the rocket ship continue to go to the moon.

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