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Has Jim Harbaugh Bottomed Out?

Michigan football hired Jim Harbaugh to win big. He's not even close.

This is a question that circled the wolverine country for years now, and this season does not help his cause one bit. I have always had Harbaugh’s back as a Michigan fan, but when does it end? He needed this season to be good and this is the worst start a fan could ask for. Losing to a shit Michigan State team then following it up by getting washed by Indiana and Wisconsin, then going to TRIPLE OVERTIME with Rutgers… Fucking Rutgers. It’s an embarrassment to this program the way this season is going so far and I just don’t see it turning around, especially once we lose by 50 to OSU in a couple weeks for the 6th year in a row. I feel like that is his only chance left right now is to beat OSU, but that’s asking for a bit too much.

He can’t even find himself a good quarterback to help the team move forward. Coming in all the hype was that he would develop quarterbacks and the quarterback spot would never be the issue, well we were wrong. It’s now his 6th year and we are starting our second string QB. Joe Milton was supposed to win the Heisman, remember that hype? Yeah well that went to shit by week 2 when he couldn’t get pass the awful Michigan State team that lost to Rutgers the week prior. Cade McNamara is not a bad quarterback for what we have seen so far, but it’s too soon to jump to conclusions and call him good. This situation reminds me a lot of the Brandon Peter’s situation.

To sum it up, going 3-3 against Michigan State, and soon to be 0-6 against OSU is not what Harbaugh was brought to Michigan to do. Although this year of 2020 has been anything but normal, he needs to get his shit together real soon if he wants to stay.

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