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Has ‘Dan’ Orlovsky Taken Over ‘Chrissy’ Teigen & ‘Ayesha’ Curry As The Most Cringe Person On Planet Earth? @DanOrlovsky7

Written by SpaceGhostChedd

As a die-hard Lions fan I liked ‘Dan’ when he at first made his transition into media/broadcasting and gave him the benefit of the doubt. He sounded smart when breaking down offenses and QB’s, but recently as of the past year he’s become a fucking annoying dweeb. He’s on probably the lamest TV show ever in ‘NFL Live’ making corny ass jokes with Mickey Mouse ‘Mina’ and ‘Mike Tannebaum’, who is one of the worst GMs ever to hold a job in the league. Any time he has a take he needs to yell into the camera like he just did a gator-tail line of cocaine. Let alone hiss random infatuation with Carson Wentz. NFL Live is such cringe garbage that it’s embarrassing that they get paid to host this. Remember when the show was actually good when we grew up?

Like seriously chill the fuck out dude. I think he’s been hanging out with ‘Greeny’ too much and acts like he’s a CNN anchor lmfao. He is the most annoying person on NFL twitter. He acts like us Lions fans like him when we fucking hate him. He’s right up there with Nathan Peterman as maybe the worst quarterback to play for the shield and yells into the TV camera about how people can’t give up on Carson Wentz, most likely because he’s a ‘good christian’. Now he’s going to bat for Sam Darnold:

I actually like Darnold, but to say he’s ‘more talented’ than Wilson is complete asinine. Funny thing is I took a Music Tech/Production class in high school and my teacher was his aunt LMAO. I’ll leave it at that…

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