Happy 41st Birthday To The Man, The Myth, THE LEGEND, McLovin

Written by austenlange

Happy Birthday to arguably the greatest side character in the HISTORY of comedic performances. McLovin has stood the test of time and is something that hasn’t died yet and honestly may never go away.

I know this movie was one that helped mold my comedic standpoints and more than likely influenced many more. People call this movie a, “classic” which makes me feel old as hell, but it’s ok. I got to see the movie in theaters like a real person. I was only 16 so the boys and I decided to buy tickets to Meet the Robinsons so we could sneak into the theater. THis was honestly one of the greatest and most pure moments of my life and I thank the boys for pulling it all together.

McLovin, man it’s crazy how the smallest things in your life mean the most. I will never ever and I mean EVER.

So join us all in wishing McLocing a happy 41st bday and lets toss some back for the boys.

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