Hannah Buccholz, Chase Passon and Others Arrested For Beating Up Jacob Gunderson – Update Shows Jacob Is In Good Hands

My heart is hurting after watching this viral video that is being shared around on social media of a ‘Hannah’ and her friends on her snapchat story beating up someone for ‘stealing her vape’ and maybe other drugs. The video is being shared all over the US, but these people are from Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Hannah, whose full name is Hannah Buchholz has reportedly been arrested alongside multiple others including Chase Passon who is the male in the video. The people who recorded it are also being looked at, and at the time of you reading this is more than likely in handcuffs. How do you do this to someone? Nearly beat them to death. On video? How sick are you? To stay up to date with this give me a follow on Twitter, @TrevStoneCEO or Instagram by clicking here! If you’d like to help Jacob, there is a GoFundMe that is set up: We have an update: UPDATE