Halloween 2021 Top DIY Costumes – The Weird, Funny, And Indifferent

Written by Incognito

Halloween 2021 is upon us and the creativity is flowing. Halloween never disappoints with the weirdest, funniest, and wackiest ideas. People get the creative juices flowing and make costumes that highlight pop culture and current events or are just plain clever. The DIY costumes are always better than the costumes you can buy online. Feast your eyes on Halloween 2021:

Island Boy
Urban Meyer with Cayman Nebraska
Urban Meyer with Cayman Nebraska
50 Shades of Grey
President Joe Biden
Boss Ross painting
Trent from Barstool Sports
Island Boy
Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly
Squid Game
WWE wrestler Finn Balor
Rock, paper, scissors
Sid from Toy Story
Chiefs Coach Andy Reid
Kim Kardashian at the Met Gala
Bernie Sanders
Sidetalk NYC’s viral ‘Bing Bong’ video clip
The Simpsons – Marge and Sideshow Bob
Conor McGregor with Jolie Poirier (Dustin Poirier’s wife)
Jigsaw from the movie Saw
Mark Zuckerburg surfing with too much sunscreen reenactment
Jake Paul
Subway Sandwich
A copy cat
Mike Meyers
President Trump and First Lady Melania

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