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Hall of Fame Jets Wide Receiver Don Maynard Has Passed Away At The Age of 86 #NYJ

Written by austenlange

Sad but true, football loses another legend of the game. Don Maynard was from a small town in Texas called Crosbyton and took his talents to The University of Texas at El Paso. At UTEP he averaged a humble 27.6 yards PER catch. Absolutely banana type of statline.

After his collegiate career, Maynard was selected in the 9th round by the Giants in 1957. In 1960 Maynard was signed to the New York Titans, which later were renamed the Jets because it rhymes with “Mets”.

MAynard was lucky enough to play a very lengthy career in the NFL and was even able to play with Joe “Cool” Namath.

More important than his NFL career MAynard took his fame and put it towards a good cause. MAynard led many successful charities and was willing and able to give back to his small town in Texas as much as he could.

I hope Maynard rests easy and thoughts and prayers out to his family.

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