Gym Owning Influencer Bradley Martyn Possibly Heading To Jail For Keeping His Gym Open In Los Angeles During COVID Lockdown? @BradleyMartyn

Bradley Martyn is one of the most popular gym owners in the entire United States. He runs the gym, Zoo Culture, but besides that Martyn is a very well known influencer.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic many businesses have struggled and one of those are the gyms. With people’s health in America already in question, Martyn decided to keep the gym open when he wasn’t supposed to.

He’s been told to shut it down, but continues to leave it open.

According to Martyn’s friend and popular content creator SteveWillDoIt he’ll be posting a protest outside of the courthouse. Everyone who enjoys the gym is asked to meet outside and protest. But don’t forget your mask.

Steve also said that it’s possible that Martyn could be arrested. And also faces large fines. They’ve shut the power off to the gym and that didn’t stop Martyn from continuing to open the gym.

During SteveWillDoIts recent YouTube video he gave out the information for the protest which will happen 2/19/20.

14400 Erwin St. Van Nuys, CA 91401

Martyn has already had court dates because of this! Here is a video from a couple of months back:

Update; Steve has canceled the protest.

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