Guy Steals Kevin Durants Hat And He Messed Up Big Time!

Nothing like a good ol’ GOTCHA HAT moment but to be honest you might not want to do that to NBA superstar Kevin Durant. One fan recently did that as he was walking by and needless to say Durant had a couple words for him and the guy who took is hat is lucky he didn’t get kicked out or even get smacked up by Durant.

@j_facee KD cussed him out 😭 #fyp #foryou #kd #kevindurant #hat #comedy #hilarious #security ♬ Rocket – J-Face

Was it funny? Eh. A little. Not much.

The dude recording and doing it was nothing but annoying and when he flipped the camera back onto himself and the crowd after doing it you can tell that no one in the crowd is on his side.

The comments on his TikTok video are exactly what you’d think they are. They are mixed but majority of the people are on Durants side with one person commenting “Bros a grown man doing that” and another saying “Killed everyone’s vibes” and I couldn’t agree more

Nothing like killing the vibe around you and then some. This was embarrassing for me to even watch. Second hand embarrassment.

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