Greg Hardy (@GregHardyJr) puts everyone to sleep defeating Yorgan De Castro By decision – #UFC249

Greg Hardy came at Yorgan De Castro with a head full of steam, but De Castro responds with two bombs, right at the head to open up the first round. De Castro tried with fluries many times, but failed. Hardy lands a couple of front kicks a minute left in the round that seem to stun De Castro. The heavyweights exchange shots to end the round. Hardy had control of the octagon, but man did De Castro seriously weather the storm. Round 1 goes to Greg Hardy.

De Castro opens up with some serious leg kicks to open up the round, that it seriously started to bruise up and you can see a welt! You can tell the heavyweights are approaching the end of the gas tanks, A lot of sloppy action with many missed shots. I think De Castro takes round 2 with the leg kicks, but the rest of the round was garbage for the duo. De Castro takes the round for me.

Round 3, Greg Hardy comes at De Castro again like in round 1, but eats two bombs to open up the round. Greg hardy attempts a take down and eats another right hand bomb from De Castro. Yorgan De Castro attempts another leg kick, but loses his footing, in between more huffing and puffing. The round goes to De Castro, but the actual judges didn’t see it that way.

Watch proabably the highlight of the fight below(seriously there wasnt anything else of note):

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