Green Bay Packers President Mark Murphy Calls Aaron Rodgers ‘A Complicated Fella’

Written by Will

Everyone knows about the Aaron Rodgers and Packers drama. If you have been living under a rock, Rodgers is unhappy and wants out. Rodgers didn’t show up to mini-camp and is holding out as of now. Well, the Packers just seem to make matters worse with the president of the team calling Aaron Rodgers “a complicated fella.” Maybe I am crazy but I would keep this type of stuff private if I was the Packers damn president. Rodgers is pissed off, can’t blame him. The Packers never take a skill position in the draft and of course, the Jordan Love choice didn’t help.

The Packers need more hate for this, to be honest. They have had a generational talent for the past 16 seasons and have only one Super Bowl to show for it. Hell, only one Super Bowl appearance to show for it, the Packers have wasted the prime years of Aaron Rodgers. The Packers are always one player away from being legit and they waste that on another quarterback. The Packers should be hated on more for wasting the prime years of one of the greatest quarterbacks ever.

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