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GRAPHIC WARNING: Riots Ensue in Kenosha, Wisconsin After Police Shoots Unarmed Man Several Times

Written by Nate

UPDATE: the shooting victim has been identified as 29-year-old Jacob Blake, from nearby Racine.

Andy Ngo on Twitter states Blake has a history with the police, where he was previously charged with domestic violence and a sex crime. The police had a possible warrant for his arrest before getting shot by the police. has reported via the family that Blake is out of surgery and has transferred to the ICU. His condition has not changed.

ORIGINAL STORY: Earlier Sunday in Kenosha, Wisconsin, there were reports going around that one of the city’s police officers have shot an unarmed black man several times in the back.

It appears in the video down below that the victim got done breaking up a fight and was getting into his car when the officer grabbed his shirt and began shooting him.

Just hours after the shooting occurred, riots and protests began that involved neighbors and crowds nearby—and they got ugly.

There were a couple posts going around that the rioters were throwing incendiary bombs at the officers and even smashing windows of police cars.

As high demands for the officer to be arrested continue, the unknown victim is currently still hospitalized, listed in serious condition.

The Wisconsin Department of Justice, along with the state’s Department of Criminal Investigation, will be probing an investigation on the shooting and the officer involved.

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