The famous chef himself Gordon Ramsay is currently in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. It’s not too often that someone famous, especially at Ramsays level of fame comes to the Upper Peninsula. [Click here to see a video about him being in the U.P]

Rumors going around that restaurants in Houghton/Hancock area are closing for Gordon, more than likely for shooting one of his shows. How awesome that the Yoop is being featured!

In a recent TikTok video that Ramsay shot shows what looks like Houghton County in the background.


##duet with @thatdudecancook Show me your carrots you donut !!!!! ##fyp ##ramsayreacts ##showmeyourcarrots

♬ original sound – Sonny Hurrell

Manda Paige captured a photo of him eating today at Suomi in Houghton:

Hopefully he enjoys his time in the Upper Peninsula. Obviously if he is shooting a show he won’t have much time to enjoy the outdoors. I could also see him shooting some footage outdoors for his show. But if you see him, which many have, be sure to respect him.

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Twitter is really confused and excited to see Ramsay in Houghton: