Gordon Hayward Just Robbed Charlotte

Written by Will

Gordon Hayward is a Hornet and boy did he get paid. What the hell is Michael Jordan and Charlotte thinking? Gordon Hayward is a solid player, but Hayward is not worth 30 million per year, not even close. Again, I like Hayward but the Hornets just overpaid a ridiculous amount for a guy who hasn’t been an all-star since 2017.

For such a great player, you’d think Jordan would be a good owner too, but he keeps proving that’s not the case. The Hornets need to rebuild, they have been a middling franchise for the last decade. Never bad enough to get a great player in the draft, but not good enough to do anything. They have been stuck in what I like to call basketball purgatory. This signing is just going to keep them there. Hayward will be solid for the Hornets, but he’s not moving the needle for the team. 30 Million a year for just solid isn’t what you want.

Seriously Jordan what the hell are you thinking with this contract? Makes no sense and now you are stuck with a aging player paying him all-star money.

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