It appears that Google to trying to steal credit on saving small businesses away from Dave Portnoy and the Barstool Fund.

In Portnoy’s tweet shown below, Portnoy is showing a video of the search engine showing off a small business, ‘Irazu Costa Rican Restaurant and Catering’ in which Portnoy said that the Fund saved them recently.

And it turns out, the Barstool Fund did save them from financial burden. As another tweet showed that the Palmer Section/Chicago restaurant got the call from Portnoy back in the middle of January.

A pretty sticky situation for Portnoy as he was clearly was disgusted at the commercial that they were showing, and Google is wanting to take credit for Irazu’s success.

I will go with the Pres on this one. Him and the Fund have contributed so much money to the businesses that were dire need without the continuing publicity that they were seeking.

However on that note keep doing what you do and the Fund do what’s best, Pres! With over $37 million raised and pledged for small businesses across the country, please don’t stop now!


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