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Good Wrestling vs Bad Wrestling #7: Vince McMahon-Mania

Written by Danny Damage

Just admit defeat you desperate, daft, old wanker. Jeez.

Thanks for joining me. There’s so much more wrestling to watch than a few years ago, and I can’t possibly write about and scrutinise it all!

So, let’s be smarter with our time.

I am a huge proponent of balance. It’s all too easy to let the online world remove the grey areas and middle-grounds that offer us perspectives other than the two extremes. I wouldn’t want the internet to become a platform for me to purely rant or rave about something I loved or hated respectively. So here I am, mixing it up by appraising something I enjoyed and something I didn’t care much for this week in the wrestling world.

#GWvsBW – Good Wrestling vs Bad Wrestling.

A relatively quick mention of my Vince McMahon takes the Psychopath Test article from last year; in case anyone fancies an even deeper study of the man I’m about to critique.

Good Wrestling: That one time…

Vince McMahon landed into a family business that he hijacked and decided to use to buy out anything that looked like it. Then he took the industry out on a joyride, changed what it looked like and even what it was called.

WCW was the last promotion that he “defeated”. WCW were their own worst enemy and were on a course of self-destruction. The ball was on the goal-line already. Vince just did a 200-yard sprint to smash it into the back of the net.

After this, #WrinklyWhoreEntertainment made bazillions and Vince spent the next 30 years acting like he conquered the universe of good wrestling.

*cracks knuckles*

Bad Wrestling: #GetTheVinceOut

Do I even have to explain this one? I probably don’t, but some folk will resist my commentary, no doubt. Plus, I dragged you out here and made you do some reading, so here goes.

Excluding that first empty Smackdown that I praised (another shameless link/plug), everything WWE has presented to me since has been more of a chore than something funny and/or entertaining. Not falling asleep between 12 am and 4 am was a task in itself before, it’s thrice the effort now.

I can’t blame the wrestlers for this one. They could put on a perfect match, but it wouldn’t come across the same way as if they were feeding into and from a live audience. Vince knows this and everyone knows he has the last say on who gets that spot on TV.

The writers possibly have/had a chance of trying to fit what they’ve got into this new environment a little more. Once again though, if Vince almighty is there to tear up scripts and change his mind on a whim, they may not be to blame either.

Just admit defeat, you desperate, daft, old wanker. Jeez.

McMahon should have given up on WrestleMania weeks ago. But instead of that, he kicked and screamed and tried to show that the rules don’t apply to him. Thankfully, none of the authorities went along with that. This left greedy little Vince Junior to short change the fans and anyone that was going to be on the card. He doubled down and instructed his staff to claim IT’S JUST TOO BIG FOR ONE NIGHT; to which I call Bull-fucking-shit!

As well as overcompensating for the reason why WrestleMania has been altered, and NXT Takeover has been cancelled, the culprit in question WILL NOT BE NAMED, DAMMIT!

“Unique circumstances” is all I’ve heard so far. I’m guessing Vince isn’t going to give that free advertising spot to the Corona Virus.

Misery seeks company and Vince is doing what he can to ensure others suffer because he can’t get his own way. I would have been fine watching parts of old Raw/Smackdown episodes and following a feud during the 2nd hour. It’s not perfect, I know. But at least I’m suggesting an alternative to feeling like we’ve been watching a kick-off show for a month or so.

Despite all the idiots in live crowds (remember those?) that bow down to Vince, this current presentation of stubbornness is more evidence that 99% of his ideas have been dog-shit, half-arsed and generally, bad wrestling!

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