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Golden State Warriors Bench #2 Overall Pick

The Golden State warrior selected James Wiseman with the number two overall pick, and has been playing solid all year averaging 12 points and almost 7 rebounds, but that doesn’t change how bad the Warriors have been defensively against opponents. Recently giving up 41 points in the first quarter to the Knicks, and 38 in the first quarter to the Jazz. Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr decided to go with veteran center Kevin Looney, who’s been with the team since 2015. Kerr commented on the benching before the game.

“Basically, you guys have heard me all year trying to establish ourselves as a defensive team and the last two games have been really disappointing defensively, particularly right out of the gate, first quarter,” Kerr said during a pregame video conference with reporters. “We gave up 41 to the Knicks I think and 38 to Utah. So I’m going to go with my veteran center, my veteran group together. That group happens to be our best defensive five on the season, that combination. So the hope is we can get off to a better start.”

According to Steve Kerr, Wiseman handled the benching like a professional and played great coming with the second unit.

“He understands this is not a demotion by any means. It’s simply a part of his development,” Kerr said. “And as I’ve said to you guys many times, we’ve got a lot of moving parts. We’re trying to develop young players and be a playoff team, be a contender, and we’re trying to do all that at once. And so part of that process is going to include occasional changes to lineups, combinations, whatever that means and I’m very confident that this ultimately will be a good part of James’ development. He’s still going to play, but it gives him a slightly different role, and a different way to look at the game and it all goes forward.”

The Golden State Warriors are currently 9-8 and are competing to make the playoffs, that means Coach Kerr is gonna go with his best lineup to try and compete with the loss of their best defensive player in Klay Thompson, who was lost this off-season due to an ACL injury. Steph Curry and Draymond Green complimented Wiseman on his professionalism.

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