Wow! Things are getting serious in the NBA star Josh Giddey case. If you haven’t heard yet over the last week or two there has been a ton of talk regarding Giddey allegedly sleeping with an underaged female.

You can read the story below:

But let’s get caught up on the new news.. Gloria Allred has been hired by the girls family who is at the center of attention. Newport Beach PD launched an investigation into the situation but the girl and her family were not cooperating with law enforcement.

Why is Allred involved? According to TMZ she could be tasked with the leasing with cops, or even talking to Giddey’s people about a potential settlement.

According to reports this investigation could be a lengthly one but now the family has Allred representing. The next couple of weeks might be a wild one.

**Featured image from: X and Kelsey Grant/Getty Images and Gloria Allred photo by Chiara Marinai.


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