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Girls Can Do it Too: Six-Year-Old Paige Tobin Seen on Viral Video Skateboarding with Princess Dress and Helmet On

A viral video has been going around on Facebook that has been catching a lot of attention.

In a post by Todd Richard Branch, a video shows 6-year-old girl, Paige Tobin, that was out skateboarding with the boys.

As you can see below, Tobin lines up her pink skateboard along the 12-foot bowl with her princess dress, helmet, and pads and does a few tricks while playing to sounds of P!nk song, ‘Cover Me in Sunshine.’

Tobin has been skateboarding for years already. There are videos of her on YouTube from when she was only four years old. On top of that, she already has 100,000 followers on Instagram at the age of SIX!

Even after the tricks she done, she even got help getting the bowl by the boys she impressed.

Just a great story that girls can do things that boys are known for doing. It is well worth the over 51,000 reactions and over 252,000 shares on Facebook currently.

Good job young girl!

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