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Girl Gets Into Scuffle With #BLM Supporters After Holding Up ‘Police Lives Matter’ Sign

Written by Nate

Here’s some news that is a bit overlooked during this time period.

A video on Twitter shows Savanah Hernandez, a female political commentator from Texas, with a sign that says, ‘Police Lives Matter’ during a protest.

But while she was holding up that sign in peace during the protest, she was getting harassed by supporters of the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement.

The back of her sign also bears the name, ‘David Dorn’ on it. Dorn was a retired African American police chief who was killed while protecting a pawn shop from being looted outside of St. Louis.

What you will also see in the video posted by Hernandez and fellow commentator Paul Joseph Watson, the girl was also attacked by a female protester (in a black bandana mask) and assaulted her as well.

I can bet there will be more of these coming up; maybe towards those who counter-protest the BLM movement. Hopefully they will not be as ugly or worse as this one.

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