Gilly Lock To Carolina

Falcons vs Panthers
Written by Scal

No one listened to me!  I told anyone that would listen the Panthers would be good this year.  Sam Darnold is a good QB, the Jets were just a joke of an organization.  The Panthers suffered their first loss of the season to Dallas last week.  The issue was clearly a lack of defense against one of the leagues best offense.  The Panthers needed a little help on defense, and they went out and got it.

Stephon Gilmore was traded from the Pats to Carolina for a 6th round pick.  This is exactly what the Panthers needed.  A corner who is top tier, and if playing his best is a defensive player of the year type guy.  I do not get why the Pats settled on a 6th round pick.  Feel like they could have gotten a little more for a player of Gilmore’s caliber, but whatever.  

Carolina is undoubtedly the 2nd best team in the NFC South, and if CMC gets healthy, they can contend with Tampa. The Panthers upcoming schedule is Eagles, Vikings, @Giants, @Falcons, and then the Pats. Sitting at 3-1 right now, Carolina could easily be 6-3 or 7-2 after this stretch. They will match up with Tampa, New Orleans, and Tampa again in the last three weeks of the season. These games will possibly decide the division and have a major impact on the playoff picture. With the addition of Gilly Lock, the Panthers are poised to make a deep run.

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