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Giants To Fix Their Offensive Line Issues In the NFL Draft; Full Draft Order Revealed

Written by Chris Powers

The New York Giants were plagued last season with an offensive line that couldn’t even compete in a Pop Warner football league. Giants fans everywhere seemingly hope that the GMEN fix this problem in the upcoming NFL Draft. Before proceeding, check out this YouTube vide from ESPN and see how they feel the Giants should proceed in the draft.

While some people feel that the Giants will draft a wide receiver, their offensive line is abysmal and they need to address it later this week. Despite the Giants drafting offensive linemen heavy in last year’s draft, there was not much success last year protecting Daniel Jones.

“Somehow, some way, Joe Judge and Jason Garrett have to get the offensive line to protect this quarterback, and make him feel more comfortable in the pocket,” ESPN NFL analyst Louis Riddick told The Post, “otherwise it’s gonna all fall apart, as far as them trying to get him where they need to get him to.

“Let’s just say Rashawn Slater slides down there, let’s say he’s available at 11. And you have him, and you have Jaylen Waddle available, and you have, let’s just say for the sake of discussion, you had Micah Parsons still available.

“I think that would be a good, healthy discussion, because I’ll tell you this: I think Rashawn Slater will be an All-Pro. Not a Pro Bowler, I think he’ll be an All-Pro within his first two years. The kid is fantastic. He’s much better right now than anybody the Giants have on their offensive line. That’s a fact.”

Copied below is the Giants full draft order

New York Giants 2021 NFL Draft Picks:

  • Round 1, pick 11 
  • Round 2, pick 42 
  • Round 3, pick 76 
  • Round 4, pick 116 
  • Round 6, pick 196
  • Round 6, pick 201 

Speaking of the New York Giants, a former player of the GMEN was arrested earlier this week for possessing 7 kilos of cocaine! Who was it? Check the article out below to learn more.

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