@Giannis_An34 Goes Crazy For AEW

Written by Robert McCarver

AEW was in Milwaukee this past Wednesday and they filmed their Friday show Rampage with NBA champion Giannis Antetokounmpo in the crowd. Rampage kicked off the show with Jurassic Express vs The Lucha Bros and Giannis absolutely loved it. He was a fan of it from the jump and it didn’t stop until the end. He even popped for a simple taunt because he was so into the action.

As the match continued the better the reactions from Giannis like this

Having crossovers with major sports players and teams is awesome to see in pro wrestling, especially when done correctly and this. Giannis added to the match because of his stardom plus his overall enthusiasm about what the athletes were doing in the ring. This was a massive success for AEW to get him on the screen reacting like he was and Giannis just got some more fans from the wrestling community for how respectful he was to it.

As for the match, this is exactly what you want mainstream media to latch onto with your product. This should draw interest from ESPN and other sports outlets with Giannis being there and that match just might have gained you some new fans once they learn about this tonight. Lucha Bros ended up getting the victory and a title shot against the Young Bucks at ALL Out on September 5th on PPV.

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