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Giannis on the Move? Reported to Have Unfollowed Team, All Bucks Teammates’ Pages on Instagram

Written by Nate

Milwaukee Bucks All-Star forward Giannis Antetokounmpo has raised suspicion in the NBA Playoff Bubble as of lately.

An article by AHN Fire Digital states that the suspect star has unfollowed all his teammates on the Bucks on Instagram, plus he also unfollowed the team’s account as well.

The site believes that it is a sign that he is potentially looking for a way out of Milwaukee, even though Giannis follows only eight or nine people on the app.

Even though the star personally said that he would not request a trade in this offseason coming up, rumors have been spreading since the Bucks were eliminated from the second-round of the NBA playoffs.

This will be an interesting sight if the rumors and actions turn out to be real.

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