The Milwaukee Bucks are coming off a championship run with Giannis Antetokounmpo as their leader and Finals MVP. At least for now, the Bucks do not need to worry about Giannis but maybe need to worry about him leaving later.

In an interview with GQ, Giannis said that he accomplished his goal of bringing a championship to the city of Milwaukee but what comes next for Giannis? Does he want another challenge? He could want to do something else to further his legacy in the NBA.

Giannis talked about the championship saying it was hard but he loved the challenge. Giannis also noted that is next challenge “might not be here.”

I don’t think it’s about him not wanting to be in Milwaukee but more about him wanting to be apart of something difficult and challenging for him. It’s all about the journey and there’s a chance in the future, Giannis could be on a different journey than he’s on right now.

Could Giannis leave the Bucks? That remains to be seen. His challenge right now is leading the Bucks to a repeat this season.


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