Giannis Got Ejected For a Headbutt? #NBATwitter

I am very confused maybe players have been in the bubble for too long? Giannis a.k.a the Greek Freak just got ejected for a headbutt? That is a psycho move for sure, I have not seen a headbutt thrown in forever.

It is a weird move to throw a headbutt to start a fight, and I don’t know what Giannis wanted as a result but I am sure he will be receiving a fine and maybe even a suspension.

Hopefully NBA Twitter runs wild with this because I am still confused on why you would throw a headbutt to start a fight? That really doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. Throw a punch or something but maybe thats how they get down in Greece, who knows.

The Greek Freak seems to be a possessed man in this clip coming at Mo Wagner with crazy eyes. I for one would be scared because he looks pissed, poor Mo. Giannis is the spoiled child in the NBA for whatever reason and it is just getting very annoying for me so I hope he is fined and suspended for a while.

In the words of ESPN’s great Adam Schefter; ASSAULT!

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