Giannis Antetokounmpo Will Play In Game 1

Written by Will

With less than 30 minutes until tip-off of game 1 for the NBA Finals, it was just announced that Giannis will play. Giannis got hurt in the conference finals vs the Hawks in game four suffering a hyperextended left knee. The injury looked worse than what it was which obviously is great. At the moment, nobody knew if Giannis would be back at all for the playoffs. Let’s just hope Giannis is actually healthy enough to play, we don’t need another Kevin Durant situation on our hands.

The two-time MVP playing in game one adds much more flavor for this match up. Now that Giannis is playing, both these teams are healthy but the question is how healthy is Giannis actually? We shall see in just a bit, game one let’s go.

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