Get To Know TikTok Star Blake Manning Who Has Over 2M Followers And Is Planning On Playing College Basketball!

Blake Manning started social media on December 1st 2019, and it’s a day that he will never forget. Since then he has gained over 2,000,000 followers on TikTok and over 290,0000 on Instagram.

Manning started his TikTok on that day in December and on that day he also posted his first video and it blew up. “I gained thousands of fans from one video, seeing how much I blew up made me want to keep posting” – Blake

Making TikTok’s came with a lot of hate according to Blake:

I went to public school and started to get bullied for making Tiktoks. I never let the hate get to me though. When the pandemic hit, everyone was locked in their houses and that made everyone turn to TikTok.”

While everyone was locked in he took advantage of it all.

“I was posting gaining at least 20 thousand followers overnight. It was all shocking and really exciting.”

What else does Blake do?



♬ seeing triple edit – kendall &lt3

“I have been creating a brand for myself called bXm. I’m also working on becoming an actor and a model. Outside social media I also play basketball and am looking to take my talents to the collegiate level.”

Does he have enough skills to do so? He surely seems to have a nice jumper!

What else can we see him working on? As we’ve mentioned he is working on becoming an actor and if you ask Blake, “One goal of mine is to be on a Netflix Show.” I can’t lie, I personally see Blake making his way to the Netflix scene sooner rather than later.

Blake has been pretty successful so far and that’s what happens when you outwork everyone else. His future is bright and I can’t wait to see where he takes his career!

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