Get Kanye West On The Joe Rogan Podcast

Kanye went on another small twitter rampage this morning. Talking about babies being aborted, the Lakers winning, and how much he loves Lil Uzi. Can’t blame him on that, who doesn’t love Uzi? But the one tweet that stands out is him talking about how he wants to make an appearance on the Joe Rogan Podcast. I’m all here for this, no matter how you feel about Kanye, you have to admit this would be fucking awesome. Kanye was supposed to appear on Rogan’s podcast in early 2019, sadly that never happened.

Please make this happen this time around. Kanye would be one of the most polarizing and controversial guests that Joe has had on and that says a lot. Rogan has never shied away from controversial guests, he has had on Candace Owens, Steven Crowder, Maajid Nawaz, Alex Jones, and Ted Nugent. Just add Kanye to the list if this appearance happens. Again, please make this happen because it would be electric.

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