With Stetson Bennett IV now being the national star and having all the spotlight, former Georgia 5 star, J.T. Daniels has officially stepped down and entered the transfer portal. Rumors were circulating that Bennett could possibly enter the draft and be a late round pick or undrafted free agent. Now with J.T. transferring, it makes us wonder if Bennett will be back for yet another year. Maybe 1 ring wasn’t enough for him?

A lot of Georgia fans feel that they would have won the National Championship regardless of who their quarterback was; J.T. Daniels had hopes to win the Heisman before he got injured to start the year. Regardless, some people say that Daniels should stay and compete against Bennett for the starting role next year, and others say that Bennett is the guy to bring them glory once again. Therefore, Daniels has officially backed out and will hopefully turn whatever program he lands at around.

Where will Daniels end up? Nobody knows for sure, but the schools he was considering back in high school were: Michigan, Stanford, Washington, and Notre Dame. We will await and see.


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