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George Springer Is Signing With The Blue Jays

The Blue Jays have been rumored to be after about a trillion free agents this off-season and haven’t been able to pull off a big move (or any). This certainly would put a nice feather in their cap if they are able to pull this off, and bolster a young gun lineup with another proven all star.

Sherman is notoriously wrong, so we will see where this goes, but it seems to be picking up steam all across Twitter.

I for one, am not too delighted that he’s coming to the AL East, but I’m torn because it gives me one more notorious scumbag to vehemently root against an extra 19 times a season. So you win one hand, you loser another. This is the way life works. This is a big deal for the Jays, but it doesn’t solve all of their holes, and until that day comes they will continue to play second fiddle to my beloved Bronx Bombers. Such a shame, tough to see. Welcome to the AL East, you dickhead.

Update: Passan just confirmed it. Done deal. 6 Years for 150 milly. See you in the Bronx you prick, bring your buzzer.

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