George Kittle and TJ Hockenson are two of the NFL’s best tight ends and during the offseason the two best friends train together. Today it was a little different besides training the two of them shot a commercial WWE style.

I don’t exactly know who or what the commercial is for but if I had to guess, it seems to be a Kingsford charcoal ad.

I can’t lie, I can’t wait to see this. Two best friends, looking like they’re about to go fight in a tag team match? If Hock and Kittle were to be stepping in the ring with me, I’d run. Look at those guns on them.

And on the flip side, if these two were showing up to your BBQ you know that you’re about to have a great time. I wish the two of them would create more content!

They’re hilarious together.

No wonder Hockenson is taking over the NFL at the TE position, he’s a stud. That hair flow. Everything about it. As a diehard Lions fan, there isn’t many times a player is in a big advertisement. Hopefully this one will air on TV during primetime. I’m sick of watching Lions games to be interrupted by Aaron Rodgers and State Farm.


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