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Geoff Schwartz Calls Out Detroit Lions For Putting Him Into A Weight Loss Program and They Fined Him For Being 1 Pound Overweight – Travis Swanson Sticks Up For Bob Quinn | @geoffschwartz @TSwan64

Written by TrevStone

Former NFL offensive lineman Geoff Schwartz who has been very active on Twitter since he retired posted last night a story about his short 2016 season in Detroit.

He told Twitter about a story when he was coming into his final NFL season that he was 1 pound overweight. He was 341 instead of 340. The Lions asked him to be 340 and not a pound more.

Schwartz last 13 pounds and 3% body fat between OTAs and training camp.

He was still fined by Bob Quinn of the Lions.

Guess what though? If he was asked to be 340 pounds and not a pound more, that doesn’t seem like something to complain about. Like someone said on Twitter, if the owner of a call dealership and says to sell 100 cars and you can go on a paid for vacation and when you’re done you only sold 99, you won’t get that paid for vacation.

Former Lion Travis Swanson stuck up for the team on this one:

What’s your thought? 1 pound too much? or 1 pound shouldn’t matter?

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