For the longest time, the developers at Gearbox Software have been teasing another go-around with its hit Borderlands series, but we’ve only seen bits and pieces of the puzzle without an official confirmation. However, that looks to change in just a couple of weeks, as the developer has teased a huge reveal for its PAX East panel.

Taking place on Thursday, March 28 around 2:00 PM EDT, the panel will reportedly be the place that the company will finally lift the veil on the long-awaited sequel. Oh, you want proof, you say? Well, look no further than the image below, which indicates that a reveal will take place on the date. And then pay close attention to the words “Exit 3” cut off above. Hmmmm…

Now, this could be a big tease for the third go-around, but there’s also a slight chance that we could see Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition announced for PS4 and Xbox One, which could be a huge draw. For that matter, we might even see some form of Borderlands announcement for Nintendo Switch, since that’s becoming such a go-to platform.

But thus far, the bets all seem to be going the way of Borderlands 3, and fans are pretty much expecting it at this point. So we’ll be paying close attention to the panel to see what’s in store.

Not attending in person? Don’t worry, it’ll be aired live over the PAX Twitch streaming channel, which you can find more details about over on Tune in and cross those fingers for the return of Claptrap and company!


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